Puu Muay Thai Ventura Seminar in Honolulu

On Saturday January 27th 2018, Kru Jonathan Puu, Head Instructor & Founder of Puu Muay Thai Ventura visited Honolulu, Hawaii to host a seminar on the Muay Thai Clinch. This was an event that was held at The Mango Tree Fitness & Martial Arts, known for their awesome Muay Thai Training in Hawaii! This was part of a day long event to help raise funds for their team to fly to Bangkok, Thailand for part of the World Muay Thai Organization’s World Championships.

The 2-hour seminar covered Muay Thai Clinch techniques and systems that we teach to our students here at Puu Muay Thai Ventura which has been used successfully for the past few years in competition. These same systems were passed onto Kru Jonathan from his training with Ajarn Nokweed Sri-Ampai. We were happy to share with the Muay Thai community in Hawaii and help grow the level of training for our countrymen.

Special thank you to our student & friend Joey for coming to support the seminar while he was visiting his family in Hawaii! Mahalo!

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