Pu’u Muay Thai Ventura Co-Hosts Nathan Corbett Seminar!

On Saturday April 14th, our Pu’u Muay Thai Ventura program co-hosted with Muay Thai School USA, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett’s 1st West Coast Muay Thai Seminar!

If you don’t know who Nathan Corbett is, check out his Muay Thai & Kickboxing highlight reel!

We were super happy to bring the 11x World Champion to the Untied States for his plans to relocate to the United States permanently. Kru Jonathan worked hard to network the opportunity to bring the HIGHEST LEVEL of Muay Thai to our students at our Muay Thai Ventura program. Nathan is known for his elbow techniques which earned him the ring name of “Carnage” in the combat sports world. Not to mention co-hosting the seminar with our sister school at Muay Thai School USA.

Nathan went over the mindset necessary for success in combat sports as well as his setups he used for his patented elbow techniques that led him to his multiple world championships! Nathan went in-depth to his infamous fights with Tyrone Spong and why he chose to take the fight under Kickboxing rules (not his choice) and his most memorable win to gain the 1st ever WBC Muay Thai World Championship!

Thank you Nathan for sharing your knowledge with us!


Photo credit: Charles Little – TeepThis

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