Muay Thai Ventura Fact #2 – Groin Strikes

Muay Thai is known for using the whole body as a weapon, thus also making for a better workout than Kickboxing. While this still holds true today (minus the head butts, ouch!), it took a little longer to ban strikes to certain areas of the body. Namely the groin…

Yeah, you read correctly. Groin strikes in Muay Thai were an accepted part of competition for quite some time, until the not so distant pass it was completely legal to strike your opponent using any of your 8 weapons in Muay Thai. As a matter of fact, there was a fighter who SPECIALIZED in groin strikes using his knee. This fighter did lead to the knee strikes being removed, due to there being a rumor that some boxers were welding metal spikes to their steel cups, in hopes of injuring the Muay Thai fighter who used this tactic. Until this day, you might see a ref wave off a groin strike in Thailand and tell you to keep fighting!

How would you react to a groin strike in a Muay Thai fight?

PS- Don’t worry, we use steel cups and avoid groin strikes at Muay Thai Ventura!

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