Anthony Nguyen Brings It For Muay Thai Ventura

This past weekend, Anthony Nguyen represented Puu Muay Thai and our Muay Thai Ventura program well! It was one of the first “In Gym Training” events that the IKF held where they had announced winner. The fights were to be conducted as hard sparring, as to please the California State Athletic Commission, who are rallying very hard to prevent these types of SANCTIONED & LEGAL events. Why? We don’t know… Politics we assume. Regardless, it is a great way to bring back the days of unsanctioned smoker events, in a safe and regulated environment.


Anthony has been training very hard with us in our Muay Thai Ventura program, showing up to every training session available while staying to do extra clinch work, pads, as well as extra sparring. He showed great composure as a first-time fighter and showed great sportsmanship when they announced the other corner as the winner, which was reversed by IKF officials without protest due to an error on their scorecards. Regardless, it was a fantastic showing from both Anthony and his opponent! Showing why Muay Thai is special and helping the art grow on a grassroots level.

Watch Anthony’s Fight Below!


Proud Kru & Student 🙂

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