First Ever Pu’u Muay Thai Training Camp In Bangkok!

For the first time ever, our students have made the trip to Bangkok, Thailand! Not just any trip, but for the 1st ever Muay Thai Training Camp Bangkok! This trip has the students and Kru Jonathan staying at our hosts gym in Bangkok. The gym facility includes 2 full regulation sized boxing rings for training, as well as a complete bag setup, along with a matted area, and all necessary equipment for students looking to train at the Muay Thai Training Camp Bangkok. Our hosts at Keatkhamtorn Gym have been training professional boxers for over 20 years and are very accommodating to students who are new to Muay Thai. Their trainers put a lot of effort into working towards whatever it is that you wish to improve on, whether it be for fitness, competition, self-defense or to a professional fighter. Not only do they provide great, quality instruction, but they also offer on-site rooms for our dedicated students. (You can also book the nice hotel up the street!) Their facility is also very CLEAN, this includes their awesome food and great cook at the gym!

Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for more updates, as well as here on our blog, as our trip unfolds.

If you’re interested in attending future Muay Thai Training Camps in Bangkok, feel free to contact us!

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