Muay Thai Fights Live 24/7 Stream

We constantly get asked here at Pu’u Muay Thai in Ventura, “Where can I watch Muay Thai fights?” and our default answer used to be, “just search on youtube!”

This used to work, like 8-9 years ago when there wasn’t as much Muay Thai content available on YouTube (there was only 1-3 new pages per day) but now it’s flooded! It’s hard to find legitimate content, much less good Muay Thai fights we want our students to study.

We came up with the idea to hand-pick fights for our students to watch Muay Thai Fights Live 24/7 Stream via our Pu’u Muay Thai YouTube Channel. We started with just making simple playlists but noticed it was hard for our students to find and ask questions… that’s when we discovered that we could run our own Muay Thai Fights Live 24/7 Stream that has an interactive chat!

For the first time (as far as we know) ever, there is a Muay Thai Fights Live 24/7 Stream that is available over on our YouTube channel!

This stream of fights is on a repeat but at the time of writing this article, has 8+ hours of hand-picked Muay Thai fights available!

Definitely check it out, it’s a great free resource for studying Muay Thai and learning the athletes who have helped build our art and sport of Muay Thai to be where it is at today!


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