Muay Thai Fight – Sangmanee vs Thanonchai

This Muay Thai Fight between Sangmanee (125.5 lbs) and Thanonchai (125.5 lbs) is getting a lot of attention lately, not just for the action taking place in the ring, but the drama surrounding it. Read below after watching this Muay Thai Fight to hear about what took place before this fight, and had an everlasting effect on the young Nak Muay.

Great Muay Thai Fight, Right?

As per-usual, any Muay Thai Fight that takes place in Thailand has a bet riding on either fighter. And with betting comes the dark side of anything… Apparently Sangmanee was poisoned by a gambler before the fight in the back room. It’s speculated by Doctors that someone rubbed poison on his body, you wouldn’t notice this if you knew how crazy back rooms can be, with people walking around and buzzing with media and gamblers looking to see how looks fittest. This happened earlier this year as well with a fighter collapsing in the ring and the ref calling the fight as he went down. It’s a sad state of affairs when a 17 year old kid is being poisoned and having his life put at an unnecessary risk, all for profit…

VICE’s Fightland does a great job of covering the details of what transpired at this event and I highly recommend you check it out.

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