Muay Thai Fight – Nieky Holzken vs Marco Pique

In this Muay Thai Fight, we see Nieky “The Natural” Holzken (White Trunks), who typically fights more under a kickboxing ruleset and does rather well, against Marco Pique (Black Trunks) who also fights under kickboxing rules. Not this fight though! Back in October 2011, Muay Thai Premier League was throwing shows that were a little too big for their time, as this one took place in California and featured the North American premier of Buakaw. It makes me very glad that there is video of this Muay Thai fight! I really like Nieky showing the use of elbows to counter Marco’s body punches in the first round, and rallies through the whole fight! You might also recognize the “3rd man in the ring” as well. 😉

10/10, would watch 100 more times!

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Jonathan Puu

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