March 20th 2020 Update

Dear Pu’u Muay Thai Family,

  We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. We are writing all of you today in regards to the status of our academy operations. We have done everything we can to maintain service to our students during this trying time in our community. There have been many obstacles and we have sought to be at the forefront of overcoming this adversity that our community faces, providing mental relief for many during this stressful time. 

  We have released our online training course for those practicing social distancing which covers our full curriculum per our current cycle of training at the academy. We are happy to offer this service for free during this time for our students and families. We would even be happy to help you order a pair of Thai pads to practice at home along with our online course. These aren’t necessary but we hope to maintain a sense of normalcy during this period. As we move towards more distancing, it is very important to maintain our physical and mental health. Not just for children but for us adults as well. 

Get started in our online course:

  Along with this, we are working to coordinate an awesome seminar with some of California’s top Muay Thai instructors at our academies. This will be a 3 hour seminar that will bring a ton of value to our students! We will be charging $150 to non-students for the seminar. We are happy to be able to offer this for FREE to our students! This date will be set once we get a better idea of when this blows over. You will be able to attend at any of the host academies as a student of Pu’u Muay Thai. 

Program Tuition Financing Details

  While times are uncertain at this point, we ask that those of you who are on an on-going “month to month” tuition situation to please not cancel your program. We have had many students who have chosen this option we provide as a convenience for our students over the years. We assure you that we will make that time up for you. But if you need to cancel, we understand. Please know that you forfeit your tuition rate when cancelling your program. 

  For those of you who are on long term programs with monthly tuition financing, we will definitely make amends for lost time. If you weren’t around for the Thomas Fires, you may not know that we donated scholarship programs to many of our students who lost their homes or were affected financially as well as setup a ton of makeup classes and workshops for our students. The initial solution at this time is to add any time we are closed to the end of your agreement. You will keep making tuition installments during your upcoming billing periods but will receive the missed time at the end of your agreement. 

  If you are on a “paid in full” program that is not on a freeze, please know that you will receive the time missed due to closure at the end of your program. If your program is already frozen this will not be necessary unless closure surpasses your program freeze. Any days that accumulate over the freeze of us being closed will be added at the end of the program. 

  If many people put in cancellation requests at this time or choose to not pay, then we may not have an academy to come back to once this is all over. If you are able to keep paying, please do to keep the doors open for the place that many of you seek reprieve and growth for in your daily lives for yourself and/or your family.  Please know that we will more than make up for it. We know that the uncertainty of the situation is nerve racking and it’s the same for our staff who have dedicated their careers to help build this awesome academy. We as a company are doing everything we can to help support them as well during this difficult time. We also still have many of our obligations as a business to take care of such as utilities, our lease (rent), insurance and loan payments which are still due to keep us in our location.

 Thank you to those who have reached out in support over the past few days and for our students, past and present, who continue to support us. We will get through this together and are looking forward to serving our community for years to come. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions,

Please direct any billing related questions to our billing department:

We are doing our best to field all questions but have limited staff at this time. Please make sure to check previous emails in regards to continuing training.

Best regards,
Kru Jonathan Puu
Chief Instructor & Founder
Pu’u Muay Thai Inc. 

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