How To Train Knees In Muay Thai (from a fighter that beat Saenchai 3x in a row) – ขุนเข่าปักอก

You probably found this page after searching how to train knees in Muay Thai or maybe just dumb luck! No matter how you found it, just know you’ve come to the right place!

Check out the video below about how to train knees in Muay Thai with our friend, Nopparat Keatkhamtorn! Kru Nopparat was a decorated fighter in Thailand in his peak period, at one point beating the INFAMOUS Saenchai 3 times in a ROW!

Nopparat was known for using his infamous knees in Muay Thai fights! Earning his super awesome nickname of “LORD OF THE KNEE TO THE CHEST”.


This is part of a series Pu’u Muay Thai did during shutdowns to help support the fighters at Keatkhamtorn Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok, as they were not able to make their usual living with fighting at the time.

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