Covid-19 Protocols

Our academy as been officially closed since March 19th 2020 and we desperately miss everyone! We have been having some awesome LIVE classes on Zoom and have created our 8 WEEK MUAY THAI AT HOME program for our students to use as well!

With that said, things may be a little bit different when we re-open, but it’s to ensure the continued health & safety of our team.

One thing to note is that many of the procedures that are being mandated by the CDC are things that our sanitary practices already meet or exceed!

With that said, there is always room for improvement and we are always about building on our experience.

Below you will find a few proposed changes as we move towards re-opening

Virtual Classes Will Continue

That’s right! We will continue our virtual academy for those that have either moved, will be moving, not comfortable yet, or are/around an immunocompromised person. This has been a tremendous silver lining in that we have been able to take on students from overseas and have created some unity without our student base!

No Open Training Between Classes… for now

We will not be having open training times for the time being between classes to help limit the amount of people within the academy during operations. We hope that can change sooner rather than later!

You will have to reserve your class ahead of time!

We have an awesome new system that will make this VERY SIMPLE! It’s called the Spark Member App (click here for Google Play / click here for Appl Store) This is in order to limit the amount of people who can be inside of the academy at any given time. We are looking at 8-10 students allowed at any given time. We will roll out more on this as we get closer.

Contactless Check-In System

Don’t worry, we will keep your attendance cards safe! We love them because they are great tools but want to limit the amount of contact surfaces during this time. You will be able to use the same Spark Member App to check-in to your class time to make sure you get credit towards your next level!

Class Schedule Change

All classes will be changed to a 45 minute timeframe with a 15 minute cleanup period between classes. If the class time is shorter, don’t worry, we will have more details on this soon! Students are to wait outside of academy until allowed into the academy by the staff.

Need to talk to our team?

We will still be offering the same awesome service as soon as we are able to! We will though, at this time be implementing office chats to APPOINTMENT ONLY! This is again to limit the number of people within the academy at any given time. Walk-ins will be asked to schedule an appointment.

Additional Sanitary Station

Along with our heavy duty mat cleaner and mop that we clean and replace multiple times per day. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for our students at the front desk and ask that you PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE CLASS! Warm water & soap is always provided. We have always provided sanitary wipes for your equipment and for the loaned equipment, please only use what is necessary! We have seen many people use these to clean their feet/bodies/etc… That is not the intended use and they are very expensive! Even before the current Covid-19 situation, these were expensive, so you can imagine they cost even more now. If you’re looking for body wipes, we highly recommend theseBody Wipes by Kennedy Industries. Our instructors have been using these for quite a while between classes for some time and we really like them! We have also purchased a foot sanitizing station! These are safe for boxing & wrestling shoes as well. This will be required when entering the training area.

Our Cleaning Policies

Our staff goes through multiple times per shift a set of cleaning protocols which include wiping down door handles & other high contact areas between classes. This includes the wipe down of the training area as well with a special cleaner from Kennedy Industries that is a spray & leave style formula that is hospital grade. We also run a Ozonator that filters the whole academy during the night & between shifts. Ozonators will literally attack and kill germs, bacteria and viruses at a molecular level! We have been running this at our academy since November of 2019 on recommendation from industry experts… we are ahead of this and ALWAYS look out for your safety!

Stricly Enforcing Our Academy Etiquette & Guidelines

Our academy etiquette & guidelines have been prominently displayed at the front of the academy for most of 2019. On there it lists, “training with illness or infection is prohibited!” Please know that if you are sick or think you may be getting sick, you are not allowed in the academy to train. This has always been our standard and we hope you now understand why.

Also, we have began asking students to wear a fresh uniform t-shirt between each class as well as a towel to towel off & wipe up sweat between drills. This still stands! We will be making it easier to get towels for your training bag if you need them as well!

Slippers In The Restroom

Hey, we get it, you’re just going to go in and wash your hands… you don’t have to obey the academy etiquette and guideslines… not! Those germs, bacteria and viruses don’t care, they will stay on your feet which then get onto your training partners. Please respect the footwear rule even moreso given our circumstances. We have bought easily sanitized slippers for restroom use that should be sufficient for your use. But in the event you need to use your own footwear, you must clean them in the foot cleaning station at front of academy before carrying them to the restroom for use.

Parents Who Stay To Watch

At this time, we are unsure of how to handle parents who like to stay and watch the kids! This is something we normally encourage. We are thinking about just having the parents stay outside of the academy during class and can stay near the door. Please let us know if you have ideas/suggestions. We have many but are always open to suggestions!

Please check back here for more details and updates! This was last updated on 5/9/20 @ 4:40pm!

We can’t wait to see all of you in person that are able to come back!

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