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Muay Thai Fact #3 – Before Boxing Gloves

By Jonathan Puu | Nov 30, 2014

With Muay Thai having it’s roots in hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield, it’s no surprise to hear that boxing gloves weren’t originally a part of Muay Thai fights. Muay Thai fighters, known as Nak Muay, would use a form of hand binding using hemp rope to protect the hands and wrist. This traditional form of rope-binding…

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Muay Thai Fight – Seksan vs Kongsak

By Jonathan Puu | Nov 30, 2014

This Muay Thai fight took place at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on September 11th 2014. Seksan (in red) came in at 132 lbs while his opponent, Kongsak (in blue) came in at 130 lbs. Can just 2 lbs in weight make a difference in a Muay Thai fight? Seksan and Kongsak put this to…

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Muay Thai Ventura Fact #2 – Groin Strikes

By Jonathan Puu | Nov 30, 2014

Muay Thai is known for using the whole body as a weapon, thus also making for a better workout than Kickboxing. While this still holds true today (minus the head butts, ouch!), it took a little longer to ban strikes to certain areas of the body. Namely the groin… Yeah, you read correctly. Groin strikes…

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Muay Thai Ventura Fact #1 – World Championship Tournament

By Jonathan Puu | Nov 30, 2014

Muay Thai has grown so much in popularity, that there is a World Championship tournament held every year, using full protective gear, in an effort to gain Olympic recognition. This is known as the IFMA Muay Thai World Championships. The protective gear encompasses headgear, shin pads, gloves, chest protector and elbow pads. Just because there…

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“My daughter started training in Dec of 2019 with Coach Ryan and let me say it has been a pleasure. The kindness and patience Ryan has shown my daughter and I has been great. We have definitely felt welcomed by Ryan and his class. He’s never short on the effort he puts into the class. Always stressing the importance of core fundamentals and technique. But at the same time keeping it fun and fresh. I strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in a fun but yet challenging way of fitness, to give Puu Muay Thai Santa Barbara a shot.”

Anthony Sarabia, Parent

“Not only did I love going to the classes and getting better at Muay Thai but I loved the people and the supportive environment. Everyone is encouraging and Coach Ryan spends time with each individual while juggling the class. It's been great to challenge myself with learning something new while hanging out with amazing people. Great stress reliever while having fun!”

Ajia Orozco, Adult Student

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